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For some time the Norton Village Hall Management Committee has been trying to secure support from the Parish Council in order to advance our plans to further develop and modernise our village hall, and to upgrade it to the status of a Community Centre. We know from our own active research among users and hirers of the village hall that there is a lot of support for developing such a facility in the village. We have asked the Parish Council to apply for a long-term loan from the Public Works Loan Board (UK Govt) at low, fixed interest rates, and to be serviced by an increase in residents' Council Tax via the Precept part of that tax. In practice this would mean a typical mid-range council tax of say £1,800-£2,000 pa increasing by something like £30-£40 pa, or £0.77p per week (Parish Council figures based on PWLB interest rates at present).

Recent notes in the Norton Messenger may require some clarification. The information insert (with the tear-off slip, which residents are asked to fill-in and return) suggests that any such loan will be paid off from village hall profits. But the minutes of a recent NPC meeting quoted in the same edition of the Messenger make it clear that if this route were to be adopted, then NPC would not be able to reclaim VAT on building costs. On a loan of £500,000 this would equate to a missed opportunity to reclaim £100,000, a sizable sum in any Parish Council business case.

To view the proposed 'new look' to the village hall, just click on the attachments below where you can see basic elevations and floor plan. Any comments or questions can be directed back to us via Facebook at 'Norton Village Hall', or Twitter @HallSuffolk, or via our collective email address at 

Best wishes of the season to all, Phil J

Philip J Jefferson
Chair, Norton VHMC
Proposed floor plan
Proposed new look, ends
Proposed new look, front n back

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Written by Phil Jefferson on 7 December 2021.
Last edited on 10 December 2021.
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